This is the price tag for failed change management. And the outflow of money is only accelerating as the operating environment is constantly sowing out new demands. Three out of four changes fail in one way or another, results are not achieved at the desired pace, strategies are not implemented properly, development is slow and inefficient… The consequences can be fatal.

Let's make a change fast

Forget the ingrained idea that change is slow, stiff, and frustrating, not to mention all the costs.

Make an impact

When posting about a change, consider how people are processing the information you share.
It has to do with what, why, and how a person learns. The timing of your communication also matters.
When you do these things right, change management becomes unbearably light.

Do you want to do a
competitiveness leap?

  • Want to halve the turnaround time for your changes?

  • Want to spend less money on your changes?

  • Do you want a faster payback for your transformations?

  • Want to accelerate your staff’s commitment to change?

  • Want to make sure you’re faster and more agile than your competitors?

TAKETO + standardizes

the ability to make changes

The number, extent, and concurrency of changes necessitate that the ability to change must be standardized. The standard can be duplicated.
We put together everything we needed in one package.
You do it yourself, you know how. On the principle of “change in the author teaches”.

We generate value

TAKETO+ is a positive change hood, a mechanism that acts like an invisible hand.
TAKETO+ standardizes and scales communication, learning and leadership.
TAKETO+ lowers your risks and improves your payback.

TAKETO+ increases your knowledge of change management.
TAKETO+ increases the value of your business. You prove with the data that you are socially sustainable and changeable. 


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expert meeting

Meet our experts. Ask about change management, we will provide useful tips. You are not committing to anything.

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TAKETO+ is designed for smooth change management. It is a learning solution, publishing arena and information service.
It integrates and scales management communications, learning, content management, change management quality assurance, and data management into a seamless whole.
Your change will stabilize as revenue. Over and over again.

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