Change management has a somewhat gloomy history. On the other hand, the image of its gloom is desired to be maintained, it brings bread to the table of many experts.

However, the winner of the future is the one who, through determined action, is able to truly integrate change management and leadership into the organization and operating models, both in terms of attitudes and tools. "Carried water does not stay in the well."

It’s true that there are numerous horror stories of failures with serious consequences, but in most cases, changes go to the finish line, albeit with too much time. Losing time eats up profitability and stalls an organization’s ability to innovate.

Utilizing the TAKETO+ philosophy and advanced digital tools, change management can be "unbearably light", without any drama, efficient, and especially fast.

TAKETO+ INTRO is training and coaching for the management

  1. How is it possible for development and modernization projects to produce faster results that improve competitiveness?
  2. What means enable the organization to adopt new practices more quickly and efficiently? What can be scaled in this context and why is it worth doing? What are the rules of management communication that need to be followed and why? Why do you do it yourself and not use consultants?
  3. Speed and agility are one of the most important competitive advantages. How to ensure that these competitive advantages are implemented on the same principles by all supervisors? What is good “change governance”?
  4. How is data generated from change and development projects that keeps the finger of senior management on the pulse of change in the organization? Why is this data important? How is this data used to show an increase in the value of a business?

Method of implementation:

The training is carried out on a 3 + 2 h basis: the first three hours cover topics 1-4, in the last two-hour session, a month later, the “homework” is dismantled and a joint assessment is made of how the learning can be put into practice and what benefits are desired.

How do you benefit?

You know how to speed up your changes. You understand what and how to influence your organization to embrace new things faster. You know how to build consistent change leadership skills for those in senior positions. You know how to remove change resistance at an early stage. You know how data prevents sidewalks. You know what functional change communication means and what it is used for. You will understand what scaling, digitalization, multi-faceted learning, mood data, and swarm intelligence mean in modern change management.


The price of combined training and coaching is 620 euros / participant + VAT. The price includes:

  • two TAKETO+ experts
  • planning and implementation of the event (3 + 2 h)
  • materials, pre-assignments and post-assignments
  • TAKETO+ experts supporting and answering questions also between training and coaching sessions, so that the matter learned and dealt with gets a concrete connection to the customer's own activities.