The winner of the future is one who, through determined action, is able to truly integrate change management and change leadership into the organization and operating models, both in terms of attitudes and tools. In practice, integration means that an organization has learned a standard way of facing change and renewal. It has become an integral part of an organization’s DNA - a part of its culture and way of thinking.

MAKRO is a broad coverage of change management. It is a content department store, a center of expertise and a change management clinic.

MAKRO combines topics and skills into one entity, brings knowledge and skills closer to users and creates a unique publishing environment.

MAKRO shows how the ability to change is positioned and standardized as continuous readiness and social capital in the organization. It tells us in many ways

how to harness digitalisation for change management.

MAKRO is under construction. It will be announced in the fall of 2023.

However, we are already breaking the curtain at this stage and telling you what MAKRO will offer:

- an interactive Leadership Communications Toolkit - Leading People to Change and in Change

- a virtual center of excellence where your digital twin learns, experiences and meets top experts in the field and other initiates.

- measuring your readiness for change (change management clinic)

- RATIO as a whole

- change management media, which tells about the latest trends and research

- thematic bookstore

- a library where important change management information has been compiled

- change management information service

How do you benefit?

You are constantly developing the agility of your organization to face change in a natural way as part of everyday doing. You safeguard your competitiveness in many areas.