At the heart of a successful change are two critical success factors: a shared story and a plan for how to implement it. But nothing moves in the right direction fast enough without the commitment, motivation and attitude of the change makers - the people. If these things do not work, the change will not happen as desired and it will cost time and money. The unpleasant consequences are also people's frustration and loss of trust. Fixing these is known to be a very difficult, often even impossible task.


RATIO is the positive side of making a change: it both removes the biggest risks and improves the ability to generate results - in one and the same package.


RATIO is a learning solution and information service. It transports its users playfully to the finish line: it takes its users into the mental landscape of change and from there to practice the skills that are needed in situations of change. But RATIO is more: it is also a change planning solution that utilizes swarm intelligence, where the users - the change makers - are each present and collaboratively produce a change plan. Learned skills are immediately put into practice.


RATIO INFORMATION SERVICE is data and analytics from large numbers of users and specifically from the most sensitive phase of change, the launch of the change story and the implementation project planning - information and results about the efficiency of the organization's swarm intelligence. The person in charge of the change constantly receives up-to-date information on how the design process is progressing.


RATIO INFORMATION SERVICE produces unique information about the organization's emotional state, cultural mood and systemic ability to change. Just one use opens up a completely new dimension and way of approaching change for your organization. You don't want to go back to the old world anymore! We offer a competitive leap during which everyone wins and gets what they want, whether you are an expert, a project manager responsible for change or a management representative.


You can quickly get everything up and running and get on with it right away. Your critical development and change needs move forward as if by themselves. You are already insured at once.


You get to test with a low threshold principle. We've taken care of that with our pricing.