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TAKE TO+ INTRO tells frankly, without embellishment, why strategic development often fails and how it affects competitiveness.

TAKE TO+ INTRO also tells what a 180-degree change in perspective and way of thinking means. You will learn how scaling, swarming, multilateral communication and the joy of joint learning accelerate and facilitate your development.

After two hours, you will not want to go back to your old world.

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When it comes to renewing and managing an organization, nothing is as difficult as getting people to implement necessary changes.

TAKE TO+ PLAN is designed for this purpose. It utilizes swarm intelligence, tacit knowledge and turns the development task and implementation plan into a meaningful joint learning event.

The shared experience creates a flow situation that You no longer want to miss.

Harness the swarm intelligence to support your development. You will see amazing results in a short time. Book yourself a demo!


As our knowledge grows and we develop in our work, our curiosity increases and we want to learn more. We also want to question and get clear instructions.

TAKE TO+ PEDIA is an information bank for change leadership and transformation. The contents are carefully selected to serve today’s development needs. TAKE TO+’s multi-disciplinary, experienced content panel has selected and edited the most important topics for You.

It provides understanding just when it is most needed. Context and need determine our ability to learn. It is a guarantee of lasting change.

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Development and change are guided in projects. The success of the project manager (PM) in her or his task determines the success of the entire project.

Knowledge of the subject to be developed and project management skills are not enough. Project management is for the most part about constantly influencing people and the operating environment, winning time from busy people, and maintaining the right emotional state and motivation to do things.

TAKE TO+ PM delivers standardized know-how and work methods that both speed up and ease the project manager’s challenging workload.

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Only a few development tasks are so difficult that the organization could not cope with it. On the other hand, attitudes and beliefs are the biggest obstacle to renewal.

When creating something new, the aim is to leave the existing truth behind and move to a new operating model. So it is a learning event in the planning phase.

TAKE TO+ LASERDATA tells in detail how the learning event was successful. But it also tells about how social mood, emotions and attachment affect and change during the process.

The view produced by our basic analytics alone produces unprecedented AHA-moments and totally new insights. We drill deeper with the help of artificial intelligence (AI).

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